Patient Safety

All of Orion’s operations are built around patient safety and it is of the highest importance to the Orion corporation. Patient safety is also the priority in all of Orion’s sustainability work. In 2021, when the coronavirus pandemic showed no sign of subsiding, Orion continued its tireless commitment to secure the availability of medicines.‚Äč

At Orion, we monitor and measure the quality of our operations and are committed to continual improvement. Orion continues to invest in clinical research, patient support and manufacturing infrastructure to provide hospitals with a reliable supply of this medication at the highest level of quality assurance.

Orion is committed to working in accordance with our quality policy and expect our collaboration partners to do the same.


We are committed to patient safety and are pleased to be able to provide a local medical information service that can be contacted via phone1800 861 913 or email medical@cpharm.com.au with any questions regarding our products or to report an adverse event.